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To each of us belongs a little piece of Earth. It is our moral duty to save our Planet. Every one knows that millions of trees have to be cut every year to make paper. So why not Go Green and recycle the used paper and save trees as much as possible.


Kobra India Security Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers you a complete shredding solution which ensures complete security of your valuable documents and at the same time save the environment by shredding unwanted documents for recycling. KOBRA brand paper shredder not only protects the environment through recycling but the ENERGY SMART system of these shredders also saves power and reduces emission of carbon dioxide responsible for global warming.


Kobra India Security Systems Pvt. Ltd., Delhi are the sole Importers of Kobra brand Shredders having a network of Stockist, Suppliers & Dealers in all major towns of India.



Our Products




Removable waste bin.

Transparent window on the front makes it simple to check the waste level. No need of plastic bags.



Kobra 240 TB

KOBRA 240 “Turbo Boost” shredders carry the latest and most advanced developments in the office paper shredder technology.



Kobra 300

A double motor drive technology operating in conjunction with two “SUPER POTENTIAL POWER UNITS” and the large entry paper opening allow easy and quick shredding.



Kobra 400 WB

The documents fload and the paper of the waste baskets of an entire office floor are literally eaten up by the impressive cuttingknives



Kobra Cyclone

Blades rotating at a very high speed combined with the power of a turbine providing the unit with an airflow allow the shredding of up to 500 sheets.






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